How to Draw a Halloween Ghost, Halloween Ghost


Make a circle for the ghost's head and then draw in a face guide.


Draw out the whipped style top of the head, and then draw in some of the lumpy sides.


Draw out the eyes, and then draw in the zigzag lining for the mouth. This will give your ghost a chilling appeal.


Draw out the large wide open mouth and then draw in the bottom sharp points for the lower jaw.


Next draw out the left arm which looks like a sleeve. The edging should be uneven and pointed.


Draw in the right arm the same way you did the left. As you can see some of the chest will also be drawn in.


Finish drawing out the body and be sure to shape it into a point. Erase the guides and mistakes, and then you are done.


This is the line art, and as you can see you have yourself one heck of a Halloween ghost. Great work everyone.

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October 15, 2011

Description: I have two Halloween related lessons coming your way and because I love this holiday, I wanted to make a couple of new or updated versions of tutorials that I have on the site already. To kick things off, I am going to show ya’ll "how to draw a Halloween ghost", step by step. The ghost is probably one of the most popular figures that symbolizes Halloween along with witches, cats, vampires, pumpkins, and other monsters from fictional tales and stories. When drawing a ghost there is a few ways to develop a look. If you are going for an all-around basic ghost design or concept, all you have to do is draw something that looks like it belongs in a children’s Halloween coloring book. If you are the type that likes scary, or ghoulish ghosts, than your best bet is to conjure up a mental image of how you want your ghost to looks, and start drawing it on paper. Then there is the children’s or cute ghost. This is a concept that can be replicated from Casper’s looks but twisted in your own way or creation. There is so many ways to design your figure, and for me I decided that a spooky or threatening ghost would do just right. So have fun as you tackle this submission and I will be back in no time at all. Peace out !

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