How to Draw Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston

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We will start by sketching out Jennifer's face frame as well as the facial guidelines.


Next up, you will draw out the actual shape and structure of Jennifer's face shape like you see here. Jennifer has high cheek bones so you have to accentuation that feature of her face with her left cheek.


The next thing that you will do is sketch out her pretty pouting eyes, as well as her neat shaped eyebrows that are almost perfect. The eyelashes should be dark and bold, and the eyes should be drawn so they pop out at you.


Here we will finish her facial features by sketching out the rest of the face. Start with sketching out the nose, and then her lips or mouth. Add the frown lines around the corners of her mouth, then move to step five.


You are almost done with sketching out Jennifer Aniston. All you have to do here is begin the drawing process to creating her long, straight hairstyle. Add the strand lines to add texture and body to her hair as well.


Lastly, draw in the sleek shape of her neck, then draw in her shoulder. Erase all the mistakes you may have made then you're done.


Here is Jennifer Aniston when you are all done. Now you can choose to color her in or leave her as a sketched image.

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April 28, 2013

Description: Hey guys, today I will be uploading some fun lessons on popular actors and actresses from Hollywood. To start things off here is "how to draw Jennifer Aniston,/strong>", step by step. Jennifer has done so many fun films but we all first got to like this bright faced gal from the television series Friends. She also starred in the creepy horror flick 'Leprechaun' back in 1993 which is one of my favorite cheesy low budget films. Nowadays she has appeared in very entertaining movies like 'Wanderlust, Just Go With It, The Switch, The Bounty Hunter, Along Came Polly', and many many more. I really do enjoy all of Aniston's films even if they can sometimes be a little too quirky. As for the tut, I did have problems with getting her nose drawn right, but overall I think it came out great. Have fun Drawing Jennifer Aniston folks and I will be back with more drawing fun.

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