How to Draw Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty, Si Robertson

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Make a simple circle for the head guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


The next thing we will work on is getting Si's hat drawn in. Just draw the front facing part of the hat, then draw the lid which is bent a bit. The hat is a ball cap style.


Using the facial guidelines you can draw in Si's eyeglasses. I decided to draw the frames in a single lined manner to keep things really simple.


Begin by sketching in the forehead wrinkles or creases followed by the thick bushy eyebrows. Si is making a face so you will have to draw the facials in an expressive manner. The next thing you will do is sketch in the hair on the sides of his head,    


Using the facial guidelines once again you will start by drawing the shapes of the eyes which are raised. Draw the wrinkles and bags under the eyes, then color in the pupils.


Next up, we will sketch out Si's nose and mouth then lightly sketch out the mustache and beard surrounding the area. Erase the mistakes then you're done.


Here is Silas "Si" Robertson when you are all finished. Now you can either color him in, or leave the drawing as a sketch.

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April 24, 2013

Description: I told you I was going to be back with another figure from reality TV. You may recognize this face from the popular A&E series 'Duck Dynasty'. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Si Robertson", step by step. The series follows the Robertson family who are famous for their duck callers that they invented named 'Duck Commander'. Si's real or full name is Silas Merrit Robertson, but everyone calls him Si for short. He is an eccentric old man that was in the Vietnam War and likes to tell tales of the days he was in war. Despite his appearance, Si is actually the younger brother of Phil. His job in the family business is making the reeds that go into every duck caller. The only problem with him doing his job is the amount of time he spends doing other things. Two traits that Si is known for; his use of the word “Hey”, and his plastic blue cup that seems to follow him everywhere. The blue cup has been with Si since the war, and that is another story he likes to tell because his mother is the one that sent him the cup when he was in the war. Anyways, have fun drawing Si, and look for other lessons coming your way in a bit. Remember to watch Duck Dynasty on A&E to see what these bearded boys are all about.

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