How to Draw Jaws

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This is going to be easy for you all that want to draw Jaws. Start with an egg shape for the mid section of the shark. You will then draw the banana shaped tail or back end, and then draw the shape of the head, and outline for the snout, mouth, and f   


Now you can start sketching out the actual shape of the sharks dorsal fine, front part of the head, and then the beginning outline of the jaw opening, gum-line, and then the layers of razor sharp teeth that line the mouth or jaw. Once that is done yo   


Now that the Jaws are drawn out, you can begin sketching out more of the great White's body shape and form. First, draw the other pectoral fin. Then sketch out the belly line, and incorporate the pelvic, and anal fins in with the stomach lining. Next   


Finish sketching out the body and when you do, sketch out the small dorsal fin, and then the tail fin. Draw the gills, and then add some definition lining, add the small bead like eyeball, and then sketch in some more teeth inside of the mouth. You'r   


You should have a drawing that looks like the one you see here. Color in this beast, and you have yourself one perfect looking Jaws.

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April 18, 2010

Description: How many movies out there can you think of that stared an animal as the villain, and made you cringe when you watched it? For me there really isn't but more then a handful of those said movies on my list. But, there is one fish from the sea that scared my socks off when I watched it for the first time. This lesson is going to be on “how to draw Jaws", step by step. The name of the shark is Jaws, and the movie labeled a species of fish, that is distinctive just by the name. The Great White shark is one of the scariest creatures that lives in the ocean today. Steven Spielberg helped develop Peter Benchley's creation, by using the ferocity of the Great White, and made it into a serial killer. Jaws came out in 1975, and it takes place at a summer resort called Amity Island. It's up to a police chief, a marine biologist, and an incredible shark hunter to stop a man eating fish from feeding on beach, and vacation goers as they enjoy the beautiful waters that the resort has to offer. In the seventies there was three popular movies that everyone knew of; Jaws, The Omen, and of course Star Wars. All three movies where blockbuster hits, and all three movies where kings of their domain. Did you know that it took three different mechanical dummies to shoot Jaws? It's true, there was one model to be used for full bodied shots under the water, another was created to move from the camera in positions left and right, and then one more shark was used that had the right flank uncovered. I do know that they shot a big portion of Jaws in Martha's Vineyard, which is located in Massachusetts. I have always been scared of this beast when I was younger. Now that I'm older, it's more tolerable because I know it's all fake. Nonetheless, you will have fun drawing Jaws because he is a shark that will always be remembered as the first sea creature that killed people to survive. Happy drawing folks!

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