How to Draw a Shark Tattoo


This is going to be a very easy lesson to learn from. Start with a medium sized circle for the head and body shape. Next draw the guidelines for the snout of the shark, as well as draw the beginning lines of the arched lip of the angry fish.


Okay here you will need to start sketching out the front part of the sharks nose, and front brow. When that is done draw out the one eye that will be visible and void. Darken the inside cavity where the eye sits to add more dramatic effects. Now sket   


Now that you have some of the sharks face drawn out you can now draw on the razor sharp teeth that you see here. But before that you have to finish drawing the shape and style of the lip, and jaw. Once that is done you can draw the teeth and be sure    


All you have to do in step four is sketch in the nostril hole and then add some detailing around the hole. You will also add definition around the mouth to emphasis the meanness and anger that this shark is feeling. Once that is done darken those lin   


Here you will start by sketching out the bottom lip and or jaw, and then sketch out the underbelly of the beast. The lining should be bold at this point. Next draw the fins and then add some gashes and detailing in those as well.


You will continue to sketch out the shape of the sharks body as you see here. And when you are through with that you have to draw the spear that is piercing the sharks body. Once that is done draw more deep gashes in the back of the body, as well as    


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the shape for the dorsal fin and then finish off the lining for the top half of the sharks body. When that is done draw the tail fin and start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you dre   


This is what your drawing looks like when you are done, and as you can see you just learned how to draw a shark tattoo that is rockin! Color in the animal and you are really all done.

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November 16, 2009

Description: Hello all and welcome back to my third instalment of drawing tutorials for the day. I thought I would submit another tattoo design that was inspired by the movie "2012". The design that you will be taught on today will teach you "how to draw a shark tattoo". Sharks are amazing species of fish that have gained both negative and positive popularity and fame. Tattoos that are based on these sea animals is seldom seen, at least by me anyway. I think I must have came across one person that had a tattooed image of a shark, and it was on his upper left hand shoulder. He was in the Navy and I guess that was the sea dwelling animal he chose to get inked on his body. There is so many possibilities when it comes to drawing animal based tattoo designs. The shark is a cool animal to use because they have very versatile faces that can either be mean, or possess a slyish, cool look. In this case, I drew my tattoo shark design with a spear that is pierced deep in his body with a few deep gashes on his side, nose, and on his fin. I also colored in some wispy clouds of blood that is being smeared in the water to give the colored picture some cool dramtic effects. All in all I think you guys will love this tutorial on "how to draw a shark tattoo step by step". I shall return again with some other cool lessons so try and stay tuned! Peace out and happy drawing!

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