How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark

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Start with a simple oval. This is the base of the shark's body. This shark is in a slanted motion.


Add a point at the top of the oval. This is the base of the hammerhead's head. At the end of this oval, include two slender lines almost touching each other. This is hammerhead's base for his tail.


At the base of the hammerhead shark's head, add two box like shapes for its hammerhead. At one end of these shapes you will soon add an eye. At the top of that oval (oval in blue color) add a line rising outward. Right beside that line, add a line cu   


Now, onto the fins. We will add a fin similar to the dorsal fin. Across from this fin will be two miny fins. These help Mr. Hammeread's swimming abilities. At top where the dorsal fin is, add a smaller one three inches away. Moving on we will start s   


Add some finishing details to your shark. This includes the lines in the base of the body that show muscle tone, the finished tail fin, more perspective in the eyes and some gills. Now your hammerhead shark looks like a shark. Doesn't he look purddy?   


Now, here is the finished lineart. Get fid of all those lines that you don't need and you'll end up with this simple critter. Have fun? Join and submit your own tutorials using a simple premade format. Let others learn from you. Maybe I    

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December 9, 2007

Description: Hello! Welcome to drago's tutorials on how to draw a hammerhead shark. As you all know, hammerheads are part of the shark family (obviously). Hammerheads are spotted in San Diego and northern Baja California. These sharks can reach 11 feet in length. Most people identify this creature by its head which is shaped of a mallet. They have this head because to improve their balance and sensory systems. For example (eyes placed far apart, improving their level of vision. Amazingly, hammerhead sharks feed on others of their species. All sharks are mean eating machines. They mistaken swimming humans, as a large fish. Be careful when swimming in deep or clear waters.

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