How to Draw a Shark

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You will be drawing a shark in two perspectives, one forward facing, and from the side. To start, you will need to draw a series of shapes and guidelines. Draw two circles for the sharks head and then draw the facial guidelines. You will then draw an   


Next sketch in the beginning lines for the sharks face which includes the brows that are in a mean look and then draw an arched line for the nose of the front facing shark face. Lastly draw the mouth line and then start sketching out the shark from t   


Okay you will start sketching out the body of both perspectives. For the forward facing shark all you really have to do is draw the dorsal fin and then the sides of the body. Next draw the beginning lines for the pectoral fins on both versions of thi   


Finish the pectoral fins on the front facing shark and then draw a hint of his tail fin and gills. Add the teeth and mouth and then draw the rest of the body for the side view shark as you see here. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew i   


When you have finished the steps for this lesson on "how to draw a shark", you will end up with a clean drawing like the one you see here. Color it in and you're all set.

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October 22, 2009

Description: I am back with another cool lesson and this time I will show you how to draw sea animals using a single sea creature. I have plenty of lessons on sharks, and they are all very cool. But I wanted to do a tutorial that will show you “how to draw a shark, step by step” the easy way. Just a simple shark is all I wanted to do a lesson on because the shark is one of the most popular animal swimming in the salt water seas. This shark came out wicked, and I know for a fact that you will all like the way it came out too. There is so many different types of animals that can be drawn out, but for the time being I will show you "how to draw a shark" and then move onto something else. You can color in your drawing any shade you wish that totally depends on what your preference is. Artists of all ages and ranks will be able to try out this lesson because it is easier for everyone to tackle. I will be back later with some more drawing fun. In the mean time you can draw sharks the easy way just by following the steps and instructions you see laid out before you here. All in all I am very pleased that this shark drawing will be of use to most of you. If you are interesting in really learning how to draw a great white shark, you can visit the other shark tutorial I have submitted in the salt water category under Animals which is more realistic. Remember guys drawing animals is always a fun activity no matter what type of animal it may be. Peace out people and have fun!

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