How to Draw Warrior Cats

Artist: Dawn / April 19, 2010

Step 1.

You will be drawing Firestar, and Graystripe, or you can choose to draw just one cat. Start with some circles for the cats heads and body. Once that is done you can add the facial guidelines, and then the legs, and tail.

Step 2.

Using the face lines, begin sketching in the cat eyes, noses, and mouths. Once that is done you can then add the fluff that makes up the chest for Firestar, and the shape of Graystripe's neck.

Step 3.

Sketch out the actual shape of the cat heads, and don't forget to get the ears drawn out as well. Once that is completed, you can add some detailing to the eyes, and face as you see here. Next, draw out more of their bodies like the legs, and back.

Step 4.

You are almost done with this tutorial! Pretty soon you will have drawn your own Warrior cats. Okay, let's get back to work. Continue to sketch out the two cat's bodies as you see it done here. Finish the front legs and paws for both felines. Once th   

Step 5.

Let's finish off these two Warriors shall we? Add some whiskers on both cats, and then sketch out the back legs, back paws, and tails. Add more detailing inside of the ear, and then begin to erase all the lines and shapes you drew in step one.

Step 6.

If you used a pencil your sketch should come out looking like the one you see here. You can color them in, or leave the Warriors be. I would only color them in if I had some good colored pencils. This way here I could add detailing to their coats.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I got a request to do a tutorial on some characters from a very popular book series called “Warriors”. This is a children's book that is about cat clans that go on different adventures. Initially, the story followed one cat named Rusty that has weird and disturbing dreams of a forest that looks similar to the one he lives in. It's later revealed that the strange dreams are from StarClan, which is a bunch of ancestors of wild cats. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Warrior cats", step by step. The two kitties I drew are the main characters of the book. Rusty's name comes from his owners, but his clan name is Firestar. There are four said clans; ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindCland, and RiverClan. Rusty, the main cat, joins ThunderClan after a run in with Bluestar, ThunderClan's leader. The other cat that I included in the tutorial is Graystripe. Graystripe is Firestar's best friend in the series. In total there is eleven book series, and each series has their own books, I will list them for you now. Warriors, Warriors: The New Prophecy, Warriors: Power of Three, Warriors: Omen of the Stars, Warriors: Super Edition, Warriors Field Guide, Warriors Manga: Graystripe's Adventure, Warriors Manga: The Rise of the Scourge, Warriors Manga: Ravenpaw's Path, and Warriors Special Edition. Even though I listed all the collection, I have never read any of the books listed as of yet. My thirteen year old sister however, is a fan of this series, and she actually takes out a book from the schools library every week. She gave me the 411 on what the tale is about, but I had to actually look online to list all the books in the collection. Since nobody really knows what the cat characters are supposed to look like, I referenced a picture from the web on Firestar's face from the cover of one of the books. I do hope you like this tutorial on “how to draw Warrior cats", step by step. I will be back with more drawing fun so stay tuned in.