How to Draw Jason Voorhees Easy

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Draw the face guide like so then sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will now sketch out the face shape using the guides you just made. When that is done add that notch on the mask which is from the strap that holds the mask on.


Using the facial guidelines draw the shapes of the eyes, then draw in all the holes scattered on the mask in a uniform manor. The markings on the forehead and cheeks should also be added.


You will now draw the straps from the mask that wraps around Jason's head. Add the detailing to the straps then proceed to step five.


Draw the neck shape then sketch out the thick textured sweater. Add the detailing to the clothing then you are done.


When all the mistakes are cleaned up your drawing should come out looking like the image you see here.

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July 20, 2013

Description: Yes you are seeing correctly this is a tutorial on "how to draw Jason Voorhees easy", step by step. As I mentioned in the Michael Myers lesson, Jason is one of those serial killers that just sends chills up your spin. He is a very cold sinister killer that has been out for revenge for years. Even though he got all those kids the second time at Camp Crystal Lake, he still finds the need to keep seeking revenge with every group of teens that comes to the lake. As you know his signature weapon is a machete so when you combine that factoid to his burliness you have one serious monster on hand. Anyways, have fun drawing Jason Voorhees easy and I will be back soon. Adios people.

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