How to Draw Carrie, Carrie


The first thing we will do is draw the guide shapes. One for the head, and another larger shape for the torso. From there you will sketch in the facial guidelines, then draw the limbs lines for the arms.


Sketch out the actual shape of her face which is going to be framed by her long straight hair.


Using the facial guidelines begin drawing out her intense eyes. As you can see they are wide open and very piercing. Color in the eyeball, then sketch out her nose, and mouth. Don't forget to draw in her eyebrows before you start sketching out the bl   


When you're happy with how her face was sketched out you can draw in the shape of her head which is also her hair. Carrie has very long straight hair. Her hair is actually resting on her back with some of it looped on her shoulders. Add the strand li   


Draw in her shoulders and arms like so, then draw the shape of her torso which is freakishly long and slopped. The breasts should be round but saggy a bit.


Draw the rest of her arms which is the forearm area, as well as her hands. As you can see her hands are in an open clawed pose. This is because she is unleashing hell to all those that are laughing at her, not laughing at her. You can pretty much say   


For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch out the rest of her slender torso. Carrie is a very petite girl. Her torso and waist are very small. Add some detailing to her dress, then draw in the neck line of the prom dress as well. Sketch    


Here is Carrie when you are all done. Now you can add more blood of course on the rest of her body, I just wanted you guys to use your imagination and draw it your way.

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April 10, 2013

Description: I am so excited to be uploading this lesson on one of my favorite Stephen King characters from one of his more popular horror novels. Here is "how to draw Carrie", step by step with the pigs blood and all. Carrie is about a girl who lives with her over bearing religious mother in a large home. Folks around town see them as outcasts because of the way her mother goes about town asking to preach the word of God. Carrie struggles through her school years as she is always being picked on and tortured by other girls much prettier, and popular than she. There is actually a new reinterpretation of Carrie coming out and I have to tell ya, it looks like it will only do good because of the original Carrie. I wanted to make a lesson on drawing Carrie in her fed up form. One of the most happiest days of her life is totally destroyed when a pail of pigs blood is dowsed on her as she stands on stage. For those of you that have never seen Carrie before, I would recommend that you read the book first, watch the original movie later, then if you want you can pay to see the new Carrie when it comes out. I had so much fun with recreating Carrie in her truest form. Adios amigos and enjoy!

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