How to Draw the Bride of Frankenstein

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Here you will draw the shape of the Bride's head which is going to be drawn from a side view. You will then draw the neck and shoulder guidelines like so, then proceed to step two.


Begin sketching out the profile of the Bride's face like so, then sketch in her ear and some of her hair that is brushed on the side of the face right next to her ear.


Draw or color in the eyebrows, then sketch out the eyes, bold eye lid line and then sketch in her pretty long lashes. Add the definition to her nose, then color in the lips. You will also need to draw in the detailing inside her ear, then add the lon   


Draw the neck and make sure the lining has a nice curve. Sketch in the long cut line on her throat, then sketch in the stitches.


You will now draw in the wavy locks of her hair and then sketch in the hairline on the brow. Notice how the hair is kinky in some spots and straighter in others.


Sketch out the shoulders, then draw the back line. Add the wrinkling and layers on her back from her blouse, then erase the mistakes you may have made.


You are all done which means you can start coloring in the Bride of Frankenstein.

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August 19, 2013

Description: This is probably one of my favorite lessons that I made yesterday. Up next we will learn "how to draw the Bride of Frankenstein", step by step. The Bride of Frankenstein has been an iconic pop culture image since television was aired in black & white. Some of her signature visual qualities is her long stiff black colored wavy hair withe white streaks that fill the sides of her head. She is also called Mrs. Frankenstein and although she is a sewn up bride, she still ended up looking gorgeous. I think all you folks out there will enjoy drawing the Bride of Frankenstein because she is also just as important and part of movie and story culture than Frankenstein himself. Adios people and enjoy.

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