How to Draw Jake Sully Easy

How to Draw Jake Sully Easy
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1 Guidelines

First, sketch the guidelines for Sulley.

Face Shape

2 Face Shape

Then, work on the face shape for him.

Hairline Shape

3 Hairline Shape

Next, work on the hair and ear.

Facial Features

4 Facial Features

After, work on the facial features.

Final Touches

5 Final Touches

Lastly, draw a couple markings on his face as well.

Final Line Art

6 Final Line Art

Once you are done you should end up with this simple drawing of Jake! Great job!


Make an oval shape for Jake's face guide along with the facial guidelines.


Define the shape of the face and include the hairline at the top.


Here you will draw out his face starting with the brows and eyes, then draw the feline style nose as well as the mouth.


Complete the eyes and add the stripes on the face and also a chin arch.


Finish Jake's hair and draw in the ears. Erase the mistakes as well.


Here is Jake Sully easy. I hope you liked the lesson, be sure to share.

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July 16, 2020

I'm sure everyone is aware that there is a new Avatar 2 that is said to have a release date of December 17, 2021. I do have a lesson on drawing Jake Sully, but that lesson is so old and outdated that I just needed to do something different and a bit similar to tackle. Instead of doing a full body image, I am giving you a lesson on drawing Jake Sully easy just because there are no drawing tutorials that I could find that teaches you in a simple way to draw Jake Sully. So have fun and remember, December 17 2021 is the release date for Avatar 2 by James Cameron.

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