How to Draw Iroh, Uncle Iroh

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Iroh is going to be relatively easy to draw. All you have to do to start this drawing is make a few lines and some shapes. Begin by drawing an egg shape for the head, and then draw the facial guidelines which extend to the torso. When that is done yo   


What you need to do now is draw out the outline for Iroh's body frame. This should include the shape of his head and face, and the lining for the head should also include the lining for the shoulders, arms, and the rest of his uniform or Firenation s   


Draw more clothing detailing on the sleeves, and then draw in the sash around his waist. Next, draw the top part of his uniform, and then draw in the face which is the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, beard, and forehead wrinkles. When that is done you c   


It's now time to finish drawing Iroh to perfection. To do this, all you have to do is add detailing to the top part of his body, and then draw in his sash which is in a tied knot. Next and lastly, draw the feet or shoes, and add detailing and definit   


Here it is, the finished drawing of Uncle Iroh. Now you can color him in and even add him to your Last Airbender character drawings. Thanks so much guys for joining me with this tutorial on how to draw Uncle Iroh, hopefully you had a bunch of fun.

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December 31, 2010

Description: Even though I may think that there are lessons on some of the main figures from The Last Airbender, the truth is every day I find more and more characters missing from the animated series that I remember most. For example, I remember how Aang always talked to Avatar Roku, but I never did a lesson on him until last week. Today I will be submitting another drawing of a very important character that was not only in the Nickelodeon series, but he was also in the movie that was released not so long ago, “The Last Airbender”. Today I will finally teach you "how to draw Iroh", or as we know him Uncle Iroh. Now even though Iroh is Ozai’s brother, he is very different than him in many great ways. For example, Iroh believes in the old way, and how living a spiritual life is the best way to maintain balance. He also believes that one can find himself by sipping on a good cup of tea. I really like Unlce Iroh because he tries to teach his nephew Zuko the importance of finding or choosing his own destiny instead of ignoring the fact that balance also comes from within. It takes Zuko a long time to understand what his uncle tries to teach him over the years, but once he understands, Zuko knows that to appreciate the balance of the four elements, you have to except yourself for who you are. Now because Iroh has helped Aang in the past a few times, he is branded as a traitor to the Firenation. The sad thing is even though Iroh lost his son Prince Lu Ten, he is still able to go on with his life and live in harmony. I think you will enjoy learning "how to draw Iroh" because he is just an awesome figure from the Avatar series. I hope one day I can visit Iroh’s tea house and have myself one of his special blends. Thanks for joining me folks, have fun with the future tutorials.

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