How to Draw Human Bill Cipher From Gravity Falls

Artist: Dawn / September 28, 2015

Step 1.

Create the head and torso guide shapes then draw in the facial guidelines and limb guides.

Step 2.

Use the head guide to draw or define the shape of his face. When that is done draw the hair or bangs. They should look thick.

Step 3.

We will draw in the eyes, nose and mouth. Then draw the ear and add detailing inside the ear. When that is done you can draw the top hat next.

Step 4.

Draw the shoulders, arms and legs in one piece. Add the bow tie and you are done here.

Step 5.

We will define the left arm and then draw the right hand followed by the cane.

Step 6.

Finish everything off by drawing the seam line to the jacket and add the buttons, pockets and shoes. Erase the mistakes if you made any and then erase the guidelines.

Step 7.

Here is the line art. Color in this version of Human Bill Cipher From Gravity Falls. You can show the drawing to whoever you want.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 28, 2015
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Description: Gravity Falls is a very popular cartoon series that is becoming more and more recognized by others. If you are a Gravity Falls lover, I'm sure you asked the age old question of, "what would Bill Cipher look like in human form?". This lesson comes to you after a few people asked me to make a tut on how to draw human Bill Cipher, step by step. Cipher in his regular form is triangle shaped with a black top hat and cane. Instead of making him more of an adult looking human, I wanted to bring the child out in him, I think he came out awesome. This is going to be a fun and easy lesson that every Gravity Falls fan will enjoy.