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How to draw Bill Cipher

Artist: TheAmazingTaelor / March 19, 2016
How to draw Bill Cipher

Step 1.

(in black obviously)First you want to start by sketching out the OUTSIDE portion of the prism and the rectangular segments of his figure.Then,you want to match out the corner lines with the rest of the picture.So basically find out where the corners    

Step 2.

Next step,draw his eye(in yellow).if you didn't draw his bow tie in the last step, erase and do so if needed.

Step 3.

Now, you want to draw all three of his arms on the left side.Make sure you draw the, in the correct places,or keep them from under the pitch black spots on the rectangular pieces(in blue)

Step 4.

Now you want to draw his arms on the left side.(in pink) make sure you follow the same guide in the previous step, and keep the arms away from the black pieces underneath.

Step 5.

draw his hat(in yellow)

Step 6.

heres the color coded finish product.make sure to draw in the flames above his hands

Step 7.

here's the outlined finish product :) enjoy

Comments (2)
Sanswowie · 2 years ago
I hate it when ppl use a photo from the show as the title pic, and not a pic of the finished art
Sanswowie · 2 years ago
Not meaning to be rude :p
Artist: TheAmazingTaelor
Date Added: March 19, 2016
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Tags: how to draw gravity falls characters
Description: Hiya.Here's my 2nd tutorial.it didn't take me but 20 mins to do this tutorial.Using a ruler is very optional,but if you want it to look VERY SIMILAR to the the picture,go ahead.i,did not use one,and it looks fine.Good luck..and have fun :)