How to draw dipper


Okay for the first step,you want to sketch out the eyes nose,and mouth.make sure you draw the details inside his mouth as well(this step will be outlined in black as we move forward)


(highlighted in yellow) you want to start doing the lines and shapes of his hair,and its best you save the little sprout on the back of his head for last.if you didnt in the last step,do the little stress mark by his hair.Also,as you go over it, make   


Next step,drawing his shirt and arms.i would suggest you do the left arm first,as you need to make it slightly bigger in proportion to the right one.after youve drawn his arms and fingers,proceed to drawing the imprints and the neck of his shirt(this   


(these steps are in blue and pink,because i figured there's no reason and doing them individually,as the are both very easy.)so draw the outline of his pants,and make sure when you go down to his legs,you draw them in the right spots.add detail to hi   


....this is the finished'color coded' product


finished product in black.So there you have it people!....color it if you wanna ..but i don't like coloring so i'm done

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March 19, 2016

Description: here's a tutorial on how to draw dipper from gravity goes ..enjoy name is Taelor,for all of you wondering about the signature at the bottom

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