How to Draw Hoopa Unbound

How to Draw Hoopa Unbound
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Okay everyone, draw one circle for the head guide and a hazelnut shape for the body guide. Draw in the limb guidelines and then four floating circles.


Using the head guide draw in the head shape for the Pokemon and then the horns. When the horns are drawn in you can detail them.


Add some teeth and then design to the head which will create the face.


You will now draw in the thick, long tuft of hair on top of the head.


Sketch out the front part of the neck, then draw in the garlic bulb shape of the torso. Add a burst in the center of the chest and then some indents.


Draw a center circle on the chest or torso and then add some holes along the edge of the torso side with one horn in the middle. Also, draw in some fluff at the base of the belt.


We will draw in the legs and then draw the feet which look like dutch shoes. Add rims around the ankles as well.


We will now draw the five arms. There are three on the left side and two on the right. Some of the hands are closed and some are in a clawed pose. Add small points at the tops of each arm section.


Lastly, draw the crotch and long lizard like tail. Add detailing to the thighs, tail and shoes. Erase your mistakes and guides then you are done.


Once you are done drawing Hoopa Unbound you should end up with a finished image that looks like the one you see here. Add color and that's all there is to it.

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July 7, 2015

When is the last time I made a lesson on a Pokemon species? Well, since it's been a while I thought I would do a lesson on the 720th Pokemon to be added to the Pokedex. Here is how to draw Hoopa Unbound, step by step. There is almost no information on Hoopa Unbound so I can't really give you a good bio description on this species. I can however tell you that drawing Hoopa Unbound was really fun because it is such a cool character creation. If you are one of the many who are fans of Pokemon you should love this lesson.

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