How to Draw the Stars

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The first thing we will do is draw the guidelines for the face or profile of the face.


Next, using the guidelines begin sketching out the grassy face shape in better detail. This should form the forehead, nose, lips and chin.


Next, sketch in the jaw line using the shaggy strokes and then draw in an eye shape with some grass around it.


We will now draw in one of the hills which dips in the center.


Before we go onto the next step you will need to erase the mistakes and guidelines.


Here is where you will start shading the night sky and be sure to add some misty sections for the milky way. Add your stars to fill the night sky and then add some color to the grass face.

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July 8, 2015

Description: I have another lesson for you all that is both beautiful and somewhat of an illusion. Up next, I will be showing you how to draw the stars, step by step or a starry sky. The illusion in this drawing is pretty noticable. It's the profile of a face made of the grassy ground below the stars. I didn't want to just draw a black canvas with a bunch of white speckles everywhere so what I did was draw a human face laying on the grass as he/she gazes up at the beautiful sky. For the coloring process I chose to add the Aurora Borealis because not too long ago I had the pleasure to witness the shimmering sky as the Northern Lights appeared in my backyard. Anyways, despite on how this drawing looks, it's rather easy to replicate. So go ahead and have some fun and I will be back with other lessons for you all in a bit. Peace out or adios amigos.

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