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How to Draw Emolga from Pokemon

Artist: Ashewness / May 9, 2015
How to Draw Emolga from Pokemon

Step 1.

Start of with a mickey mouse like feature. A circle for the head, 1 for his body, 2 for his ears and a lightning like tail stripe.

Step 2.

draw an oval for his foot and draw a circle to indicate the spot for his apple.

Step 3.

give his head shape and draw a line for his back and wingthing.

Step 4.

Draw his two round ears, which have a smaller circles in them. also draw his inner face shape.

Step 5.

Start detailing his face, give him two eyes, his two cheeks a nose and a mouth. Also draw his foot and one arm.

Step 6.

Draw his fluffy tail, his butt and the apple.

Step 7.

color in his eyes but let three spots open to make it look more alive. draw his other arm, foot and the apple stem.

Step 8.

And now you're done yaay :D

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ankis05 · 4 years ago
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catworld132 · 5 years ago
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catworld132 · 5 years ago
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Jeffrey_The_Green_Tiger · 5 years ago
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Artist: Ashewness
Date Added: May 9, 2015
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Description: #587 Emolga A Sky Squirrel pokemon. Type: Electric/flying Japanese name: emonga >requested by mangopie