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How to Draw Girafarig

Artist: Meepers1242 / May 10, 2015
How to Draw Girafarig

Step 1.

First start off with 2 compact circles for the body with 2 ovals at the bottom of the second circle for the legs. Next make a line upwards on top of the first circle and add a circle on top of that line. Add a oval to the top circle to show where the   

Step 2.

First start by drawing on the nose and work your way up to the horns then to the ear. Then go back to draw on the mouth and eye and begin on the neck.

Step 3.

Begin by drawing on the rest of the neck and also drawing on the back. Don't forget to start making the markings on the neck. Lastly draw on the leg, it can be a bit tough to get the shape just right where its jumping.

Step 4.

Start drawing on the other front leg and then drawing on the back leg. And remember to put on the rest of the markings. The one in the middle is a little weird, its cuts off as soon as it hits the back of the legs.

Step 5.

Draw on the last back leg and put on the tail with it's smile and eye. And lastly put the spines on the back.

Step 6.

Now just add some color :D Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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