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How to Draw I Am Number Four Sign

Artist: snake8eyes / April 3, 2012
How to Draw I Am Number Four Sign

Step 1.

this is the base it is just a simple circle now my lines may not be that dark or so perfect cut me some slac trying my hardest

Step 2.

well now u add another circle make sure the one side is wider and other thinner

Step 3.

now u are making a cresent or a moon shape once again the lines are not that grat but u guys can obvioussly see wat to do

Step 4.

well ow a nother crescent very simple and awit the last step

Step 5.

well wola please do not comment in a bad way it is really only the lines but i would have done it better on paper maybe next time

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Artist: snake8eyes
Date Added: April 3, 2012
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Tags: how to draw logos
Description: this is the i am number four sign from the book/movie it is what is on his pendant i know my lines are not that straight it is my first tutorial i am trying to find a good computer program to do this i will try to do the one on the book the power of six i belive that one belongs to 7 dont know but this is it