How to Draw One Direction, One Direction

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Before you begin you might want to grab a ruler because you will be drawing some straight lines and angles. Begin by making a horizontal line.


Using the line as your center guide, start drawing the number one the same way you would see it in text with the angled top, and the rectangular base.


Now you will begin drawing the letter D. To start, all you have to do is use your ruler eight times to draw a long, stubby style C.


You will use your ruler again to draw in the angled shape of the actually rounded part of D.


Now that the drawing is done, you can start coloring in the first letter or in this case a number. Notice how there is a section on the base of the number 1 that is missing some color.


Lastly, color in the D and again, there is sections of the D that have missing spots of color. As you can see the spots that lack color are in a grungy type of style. Clean up the drawing and then you are done.


Here is the logo for One Direction, now you know how to draw the logo. You can begin adding this band symbol on your book covers and jeans.

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April 30, 2012

Description: You won't believe how many requests I have received for me to make a tutorial on "how to draw One Direction". I can’t say that I listen to their music because I’m just not fond of boy bands. This lesson is going out to all you One Direction lovers. Of course it’s not a tutorial of all of the band mates, instead I chose to make a tutorial on just the band logo because it’s not that hard, and I know there are folks that would love to draw One Direction's logo as well. Let’s talk about the five member boy band shall we? First off I should tell you that they are a British/Irish pop boy band that was signed to Simon Cowell’s own record labeled called ‘Syco Records’. As I recently said, there are a total of five members and they are; Niall Horan (which Catlucker did a lesson on), Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and finally Louis Tomlinson. What made this band so popular is their single “What Makes You Beautiful”. It reached number one in the United Kingdom, so right from that alone you knew they were going to be big. When their first hit single did so well, it was decided that One Direction should have an album. So in 2012, their first debut record was released called “Up All Night”. Before their album hit store shelves, they actually won the Best British Single award at the 2012 BRIT awards. You can imagine how happy that made the boys. They went from contenders, to a popular boy band that everyone loved. Nowadays One Direction is signed with Columbia Records, and almost has as much popularity as New Kids on the Block when they became number one. I think you fans of this British based band will enjoy drawing One Direction. I have more fun to get uploaded so be sure to stick around or definitely come back tomorrow.

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