How to Draw Grizzly Bears

Artist: makangeni / January 23, 2013

Step 1.

This tutorial about Grizzly bears starts with three head shots, the first one is a 3/4 head of a bear in normal mood. First of all, draw the guide lines: big, round head, thick muzzle and small ears.

Step 2.

Draw the form of the head, the neck and the small fluffy hears. When you draw the lines remember that bears have thick fur.

Step 3.

Draw fur into the ears, small eyes, big nose and mouth.

Step 4.

Add some strands of hair and you're done.

Step 5.

Now let's draw a roaring grizzly. Start drawing the guide lines: the forms are almost the same as before, but this time the mouth is widely open. When you've finished the guide lines, draw the form of head, ears and also eye, nose and muzzle. Not   

Step 6.

Now it's time to add details into the mouth: mostly teeth and tongue. Another important thing to draw to the mouth is the lower lip. When you're done with this step, add the details and the roaring grizzly is finished!

Step 7.

Here another roaring grizzly bear, but this time it's a front view. In this case the guide lines we have to draw are based on the circular form of the head and the open mouth, that is a sort of rectangle thinner in the lower part. Draw also the ears   

Step 8.

Add details into the mouth (remember the form of the lower lip, it's important), and add fur details to the whole head, add also part of the neck/back to give an idea of the aggressive pose.

Step 9.

Some notes about bear paws. Bears have five-toed paws and each toe has a thick, curved, nonretractile claw. Bears are plantigrade, this mean that they walk with the entire sole of the foot touching the ground (also humans are plantigrade).

Step 10.

Now, a full body grizzly. Draw the guidelines. Bears are very bulky and muscular (even if muscles are not visibile because of the thick coat), so draw simple forms that reflect these characteristics. Notice the pronounced hump that appears on its    

Step 11.

Draw head, outline of the muzzle, neck and ears.

Step 12.

Add eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 13.

Draw the sturdy forelegs and the big paws with the claws.

Step 14.

Draw the fat looking body and the hind legs. Remember: all the sole of the foot touch the ground.

Step 15.

Add the details and you're done!

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Artist: makangeni
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Description: Tutorial about Grizzly bears. You'll find three head shots in different positions and expressions, some notes about bear paws and a full body grizzly. I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial!