How to Draw Gothic Tinkerbell

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Start by drawing a circle shape for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw the outlined shape of her hair, and then finish off this step by drawing the frame for Gothic Tinkerbell's body, which includes her arms, and bended legs.


Here you will utilize the facial guidelines by sketching out the shapes of her eyes. Be sure to make the lining bold to emphasize on the black liner and black eyelashes. Lastly, draw the top lining for her lips.


Sketch out her hairstyle, and then draw an elastic around her ponytail. When that is done you can sketch out the contoured shape of her face, and then finish her lips. Lastly, draw Tinkerbell's pretty eyes.


Sketch out the lining shape other bangs which will then complete her hairstyle, and then draw her nose, eyebrows, brow piercing, and then her ear. When that is done draw the earring on the top of her ear, ad then add the nose ring. Continue to sketch   


Draw the shape and contour of her body and then draw the sharp edging for the bottom of her dress. Sketch out her right arm and hand, and then the left arm and hand.


Here you will finish off the sketch of her dress, and then draw the arm-socks the way you see them here. Since this is a Gothic Tinkerbell, I also drew in a Gothic cross. Draw her crossed legs and then move to the last drawing step.


Finish her legs and then finish her right hand. I added a nice ring, but you can draw what you want. When that is done draw the stripes on her stockings, and then draw in her shoes and her signature puff ball on the top. Erase all the guidelines and    


Here is what your drawing should come out looking like when you're done. Color her in to your liking, and you just finished this tutorial on "how to draw Gothic Tinkerbell, step by step".

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January 24, 2010

Description: Gothic fashion and figures have died out a bit I have to say, and maybe it’s because it has become more excepted by society. I was browsing through some online clothing stores, and I came across this awesome pajama set with the character print of Tinkerbell. I know what your thinking, “Tinkerbell?”. This wasn’t an ordinary fifth grade print, it was of Gothic Tinkerbell. When I got home I added her as a character for tutorials that I wanted to do. So that is what this first lesson of the day will be on, “how to draw Gothic Tinkerbell, step by step”. I know for a fact everyone loves the Gothic version of Tink. She is scattered all over the place, MySpace, DeviantArt, all over Google images, and so on. I had so much fun sketching out my creative version of this very popular Disney character, that today I was looking to do some more of this style art. Unfortunately I ran into an artists block and can’t figure out what I want to draw that is cool, and exciting. When your drawing Gothic Tinkerbell, remember that you can play with her style including the colors of her outfit, the style of her hair, and even the make-up. All you really need is a lesson to sketch out the frame and character of Tinkerbell. After that, it’s all peaches and cream. Well, that just about does it for me with this tutorial description. There is still more lessons on the way so keep an artistic eye open for the next submission. Peace out guys and have fun!

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