How to Draw a Rabbit Skull

Artist: Dawn / March 16, 2010

Step 1.

Since you are only drawing only a head, all you need to do first is draw a circle. Next, add the facial guidelines, and then the guidelines for the ears.

Step 2.

Draw the actual shape of the rabbit head which incorporates the big buck teeth, and the colored in nose. It should look like the shape of a broccoli floret.

Step 3.

Next, draw the shape and thickness of the hood, and then draw the rabbit ears like you see here. You can choose to have both ears, bent, erect, or one and one. Next draw the grassy part of the carrot.

Step 4.

Draw the big hollow looking eyes, and then color them completely in. Finish drawing the carrot shape, and then add the detailing lines. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 5.

This is your finished drawing when you're done. Color in the drawing and now your done! Great job, and it was easy too.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 16, 2010
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Description: My thirteen year old sister asked if I could do a tutorial on a rabbit head. I was like, out of all the things you can ask me to draw, a rabbit head is what you want? She said “yeah, why not”? Don't get me wrong, rabbits are great. The only thing about them, they are not as cool as some other animals out there. The only cool rabbit that I can think of is the mask from the movie “Donnie Darko”, now that was a cool looking rabbit. So in light of what I thought, I decided that I should add a little pizazz to her request. I wanted to keep the sketch cute and girly, so I colored the hood and ears pink. To be sure that she knew that I drew her what she asked, I also added a very orange carrot that is supposed to act as a “skull and crossbones” type of concept. So needless to say what I will be showing you all, is what I gave to her on paper. I'm going to teach you guys "how to draw a rabbit skull", step by step. The top portion of the design sort of looks like My Melody's hood and ears, but all in all I think it came out pretty cool. This would also make a neat looking tattoo design too since it's a bit punk-ish and Gothic looking. The drawing itself is super duper easy, so I think you will find that drawing a rabbit skull is going to be as simple as eating pie. Or should I say carrot cake? I have to go for now, but as you know I will return. With this lesson that ends the easy tutorials for the day. The three I have left will fall in both the intermediate, and advanced category. Peace people and try and sty away from all the carrots.