How to Draw Tinkerbell

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As you can see the first step is pretty simple. All you have to do is draw a small circle for her head, and then add the one facial guideline which also happens to her the connecting line for her body frame. Once these two objects are drawn in, you c   


You will now begin sketching out the shape of her cute chubby face, and then start sketching out the beginning shape of her hairstyle which is cropped with tips or bangs like so.


Instead of drawing out the rest of Tinkerbell's hair, you will start this third step sketching out the shapes of her eyes, and then work on getting her shoulders, torso, and hips drawn out like you see here.


Cap off the bottom of her dress with some leafy edges. and then draw the lining for the top of the dress that separates the skin from the material like you see here. The next step is to sketch out her cute bun, and then draw out the simple shapes of    


It is now time to finish drawing out this Disney icon. All you have to do is draw out her legs, and then her pretty pixie shoes with the cotton like ball at the top. Once this is done, you can start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step o   


Now that you are all done, you can start coloring her in to give Tinkerbell her vibrant flare. I hope you guys had a lot of fun with drawing Tinkerbell.

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July 20, 2010

Description: Well, I guess it was a good thing starting the day with an easy lesson that everyone can tackle, and even enjoy. I will now turn my attention to another duplicate tutorial submission, and this time it's going to be on a little pixie, or fairy named Tinkerbell. I do believe that everyone knows about Tink, and how she is one of Disney's more popular animated characters. She gained fame and popularity with her intermediate role in the book recreation of Peter Pan. She played the trusted friend, and sometimes mature adviser to Peter, when he starts to make bad choices. As you know Tinkerbell gets very jealous that Peter has a thing for Wendy, and because of this, her selfishness gets her beloved friend captured by the ill willed Captain Hook. Nowadays she stars in her own movies, and she even has her own merchandising line. You can actually buy products like pocketbooks, or purses, shirts, pajamas’s, stationary, toys, posters, and even lip gloss, and they all display her face. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Tinkerbell", step by step, and this time she is in a regular standing pose instead floating up in the air holding her wand. I love the way she came out, and now that I have uploaded this lesson, you now have three versions of Tinkerbell to chose from when you are looking for a lesson on this adorable Disney character. I have much more coming your way, and this time I decided to do a few cool video game figures that you should recognize. So, as you wait for my return, be sure to try out this, or other tutorials to your liking. Peace out everyone!

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