How to Draw Emo Kids

Artist: Dawn / April 15, 2010

Step 1.

This is not a an actual drawing step, this is just a drawing of different types of clothing that you would see an emo person wearing. The top two is for a girl, and the bottom two is for boys. Of course drawing emo clothes seems like it would be hard   

Step 2.

Here is some different sketches of emo style eyes that can be drawn on any type of emo character you sketch. I talk about the various expressions that emo people wear on their faces, and how to draw them properly.

Step 3.

This is now the last tip step that I will talk about and submit. The left side is of mouths, and the right is noses. I talk about some cool shading tips that can be helpful for you all.

Step 4.

Start with two head shapes and then add the torso shapes and then draw the arms and neck.

Step 5.

Sketch out the eye shapes or lining for each character. If you notice, the girl to the left has bold dark lining as do many emo kids. Once that is done sketch out the face, and then draw the shoulder, and hand. The figure to the right, is going to be   

Step 6.

Now you can sketch out the shapes of the head, and hairstyles. Draw out the ears, and then the brows. Next, draw the eyebrows, and then sketch out some more of the left figures body.

Step 7.

Draw out the eyeballs, and then color in the pupils. Next draw more of the body including the arms, and hands. Next sketch out the clothes on each emo person, and then move to the next step,

Step 8.

Draw some blushing on the cheeks, and then draw out the legs, and hands on the right person's body. Erase all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one, and then move to see what you have done.

Step 9.

Here is your finished drawing of the emo kids. Color them in and you have yourself a finished drawing of two emo kids.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 15, 2010
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Description: There is all different types of groups that teens and young adults fall into as far as categorizing ones pop self. What I mean by that is simple, there are grunge kids, stoner kids, hip hop kids, metal, goth, punk, rock, classical, and country kids. I myself fall into metal/goth/rock/hip hop/ grunge/....everything! The tutorial that I am submitting now, is on “how to draw emo kids”, step by step. I have two lessons on this particular class of individuals, emo, and emo people. I know most of you know what emo is, and I have talked about it several times before in other tutorials. Being emo is another way to say you are emotionally unstable. The word “emo” is short for “emotional”. The two characters in the drawing is a scene from my sister and I fighting. I just colored and styled the hair different, and added clothing that I thought fit each person. The emo girl to the left is my sister, and the emo girl to the right is me. I by all means am not emo at all. I'm mostly metal, grunge, and goth. The rock and grunge come from my parents, and the goth is from me. I'm more like a happy or nerdy goth, but you know what? It doesn't matter what I am, as long as I am a human. I love the way this scene came out, and I think, all the people who try out this lesson will have fun too. I will be back in a bit so keep those pencils at hand, because there is more on the way!