How to Draw a Simple Fairy

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Start with a medium sized circle for the head, and then add her facial guidelines. Next, add a vertical line for her body frame.


Here you will draw the squared shape of her face, and thicken the roundness of her head. Along with the very same lining, draw out the lumps on the sides of the head for her hair.


Now you will draw the hair line that frames this simple fairies face. When that is done you can use the guidelines to draw out her eyes, eyeballs, and lashes.


Add the eyebrows, and smile, and then draw out the slender shape of her simple body. Cap off the end of her dress with some curves. Lastly, draw her noodle like arm.


This is your last drawing step. All you need to do now is sketch out her very simple, but pretty fairy wings. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


In the end, you will have a wonderful looking fairy that was a simple blast to draw. Color her in to your liking, and then move on to the next tutorial.

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May 16, 2010

Description: Hello kiddies, I am back today with another fun lesson for all you artist out their that want to draw simple things. I've already submitted a few lessons on simple things and animals. For my third submission, I will show you "how to draw a simple fairy". What better thing to learn how to do, than a simple fairy. These types of tutorials are the best because you can learn how to draw something popular and cute, when it comes to drawing fairies. I know when I started drawing these fantasy type creatures, I always tried to make them look beautiful, cute, or pretty. Their look in general is supposed to look dainty, sweet, and amazingly stunning. I had an awesome time sketching out this character. I can almost promise, that when you tackle this tutorial on “how to draw a simple fairy”, you will have a fun and easy time. The best part is coloring her in. This is when all the fun really happens because shading in a newly drawn figure is always done with patience, and ease. I have to bust a move out of here for now, but I will return momentarily, and when I do, there will be a butt load of lessons trailing behind me. Have fun guys, and have a happy drawing day!

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