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How to Draw Golden Freddy, Five Nights at Freddys

Artist: ErinG30 / February 8, 2015
How to Draw Golden Freddy, Five Nights at Freddys

Step 1.

Ok, just draw blue lines and circles. I did a rectangular bowtie for now. Just basic shapes you know, stuff we learnt when we were really young.

Step 2.

Now go over those basic shapes with a little more advanced shapes, like circles overlapping circles... and circles.... circles.........

Step 3.

Now just get rid of the basic lines. Circles....... Ugh, anyway. Continue?

Step 4.

Ok! Let's get busy! Start with the top of Golden Buddy - I mean Golden Freddy's head. hehe? And his ear

Step 5.

Now do the jaw, teeth and eyes (well eye holes... :P)

Step 6.

Now do the eyebrows, top hat, bow tie and shins. (hehe, almost forgot the eyebrows in this tutorial step.)

Step 7.

Now do the big fat flappy Freddy feet! :D (sorry there is not a lot of typing or punctuation, I'm in a rush really.)

Step 8.

Now do the arms hanging on the sides of Golden Freddy.

Step 9.

Now do the hands and the little mic. (sorry this tutorial is basically just outlining the red lines XD)

Step 10.

This is what it looks like. In the next step you can add the details.

Step 11.

Ok, just add stripes to the mic and colour in the eyes black. Well, we're done. Pretty easy eh? Now do what ever ya what with it. Bai! Until next time... If there will be... hehehe..........

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Artist: ErinG30
Date Added: February 8, 2015
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Description: Hai Thar! I think some of you guys have seen the picture of this Golden Freddy in the artwork section and in the description I said I would make a tutorial. Well, here it is :D Enjoy...