How to Draw Garfield Easy

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make a large egg shape for Garfield's head then sketch in a facial guideline vertically down the middle of his face.


Now you will shape out the head, and you can do this by making the cheeks or jawline bulge out like a sack, then draw the two lumps for the ear shapes.


Add the detailing to the ears like so, then draw in two oblong shapes for his very big lazy expressive eyes. Add a small nose under the eyes, then move to step four.


Next up, you will draw in the eyelids which are almost fully closed, then color in the pupils. Draw the mouth in a great big smile for his expression, then proceed to the last drawing step.


Lastly, sketch in all the tiger stripes at the edge of Garfield's face, head and ears. You will also need to draw in what I think might be whiskers but I'm not sure because they are on the sides of the head. You should probably erase the guidelines a   


Here is what your butterball of a kitty looks like when you are all done. Don't you just want to pick up the paper and give this lovable looking cat a big kiss? I know I do!

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May 7, 2018

Description: This is my last lesson for the day and look who it's on. Yes you are seeing correctly, it's the lovable orange cat, Garfield. I haven't made a Garfield tutorial in such a long time, but I do know that I have at least one lesson on him. He is such a feisty cat that deserves to be made into an easy step by step lesson. Learning "how to draw Garfield easy" will definitely be loved by all you Garfield fans out there. This comic book feline has been grazing the newspaper comic pages for years, and he is still loved by people of all ages. I was really excited to recreate Garfield in an easy tut because I know that he is as popular as Snoopy, Spongebob, and even Hello Kitty. Sometimes I will read some comic strips on Garfield just because they are wacky and outrageous. You should go to the official Garfield website to check it out and maybe even read some comics. Well, that's it folks, I hope you enjoyed your drawing day!

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