How to Draw a Fluffy Creature


Start with a fairly large circle for the head and sort of a bean-shaped body overlapping it.


Next, we add the legs. These are tricky ~ start narrow-ish and get thicker as you go down to the bottom and form the foot with a slightly curving line. Notice that the back foot protrudes from the back of the body. That is important. also see how the   


Next, add a nice poofy tail that tapers to a point and fairly large ears that, as you can see, overlap the head. The circles from the ears that are on top of the head will help you achieve depth while you are drawing your picture, but in the end will   


Now, we will add some guiding circles to the face. There are two overlapping circles that form the muzzle of the creature, and notice that the nose conforms to those circles. This will make the muzzle look more realistic. Try to get the shape and pla   


Next, add some detail to the tail. If you want, you can vary this step a little to make the creature more your own. Also, don't forget to add tiny claws to your creature! Make sure they are evenly spaced; and don't forget that some of them are on the   


Alright, this is a big step. Add fur around the chest and cheeks. Remember ~ the fur trends downwards with gravity (and towards the tip of the tail on the tail)! You can make the creature as fluffy or bald as you want, but remember the shape of the c   


And now for the last and most difficult step ~ detailing the face. Darken and thicken the lines around the eyes like I did (see why the non-circular eyes were important?!) and add little eyebrows or eyelashes if you want. Draw in a pupil shape of you   


Hopefully, your end result should look something like this, after all the stray lines are erased. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and please leave a comment if you liked it. If not, I would appreciate some constructive criticism, but if you don't h   

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August 27, 2012

Description: This is my first tutorial, so I would appreciate comments, and I would love to see people's drawings on the art page! I haven't quite decided if this creature is a cat or a fox or something totally different, so you are welcome to try some variations on it, such as altering is fluffiness, tail length, eye shape, coloring, et cetera. I hope you all enjoy drawing the fluffy creature as much as I did!

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