How to Draw Yellowfang, Yellowfang from Warrior Cats


Begin with a simple circle for the head, then draw an oblong shape for the body attached to the head you just made. Add a facial guideline then you're done.


Next, sketch out the actual shape of the cat's face structure and be sure to incorporate the pointed ears too. The top part of the head should have some long fur as well as on her cheeks.


Draw in the eyes, which are very girly, then draw the nose, mouth area and then the actual mouth line. Sketch in the lashes, and inner ear detailing too.


Next, draw the back part of her neck, then draw the shoulder blade which is for the front leg. Continue to draw the leg followed by the paw. Notice how the back part of the leg has long hair.


Sketch out the chest, and then the other front leg and paw. Don't forget that toe on upper part of her foot.


Next, draw out the rest of her body, then draw the back leg and paw. Notice how she has a very slender body. Be sure to draw your version of Yellowfang this very same way.


Almost done guys. Draw the other hind leg and paw, followed by her long puffy tail. You will then add some marks to her coat too.


Erase the lines and shapes that you made in step one, then erase the mistakes. Draw in the nails, and all the scuff marks on her body.


When you are done here is what your Yellowfang should look like. Now you can go ahead and color her in.

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August 27, 2012

Description: I don't know why I keep doing it, but I was asked again to upload a tutorial on yet another Warrior Cats character. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Yellowfang", step by step. Yellowfang has a very beat up looking appearance which is mainly due to many battles that she had been in. She is described as being a very scrawny cat with a coat that is tattered. Her dark appearance makes her look even more intimidating, and if I where to see this cat in an alley somewhere, I would never think in a million years that it is female. There is many people who say that her eyes are amber, but then again some also say that they are yellow. I myself don't know so I will go with whatever looks better. She does have a dark, pale gray colored tiger cat with a long coat. The long coat probably comes from her heritage because it's believed that she has Persian blood running through her veins. Anyways, she was a lot of fun to recreate into an art lesson, and if you're one of the many hundreds of people that are fans of Warrior Cats, you should also enjoy drawing Yellowfang. I will be back a bit later with some more artistic fun so stay tuned in!

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