How to Draw Chibi Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland

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Make an oval or egg shape for the head.


You will now begin sketching out the actual structure of Cheshire cat's face shape. Be sure to add some hair to the mid section of the top part of his head.


Draw in two small ears, then draw out the face mask lining, as well as the large doe eyes. Draw in the small nose as well as the mouth, whiskers and chin.


Next, simply draw out the front paws, then add some toe lines.


Lastly, draw out the curled in body. Be sure that the tail is thick enough to be a tail. Erase the mistakes then you are all done.


Here is what your new chibi character looks like when you're finished. Now you can have fun coloring it in.

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July 11, 2012

Description: So I got a request to make a lesson out of the Cheshire cat in chibi form. Here is what I came up with. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw chibi Cheshire cat?", step by step. This weird cat is one of the most popular characters from Alice in Wonderland. Instead of making this kitty a mean looking, wide smiling feline, I thought I would shut his mouth, and turn him meek. The design was a bit tricky because at first I wasn't sure how I could turn the Cheshire Cat into chibi form. I was thinking about all the characteristics of the cat, and what I thought up, was to make the chibi version opposite to how he really is described in the book, and depicted in the movie. The overall results is pretty sweet, and I think that anyone who tries this tut will too have fun. Enjoy drawing chibi Cheshire Cat, and I will upload more stuff. Peace out!

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