How to Draw Oil, Oil Barrell

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Start with an oblong shape for the opening or cover of the barrel then add detailing along the side of it.


Next, draw the cylinder shape of the barrel like so, and be sure that there are ridges on the top and bottom part of the sides of the barrel.


Draw the hole at the middle of the cover or lid which is where the oil will be spilling from. Draw the word 'oil' on the barrel, then add detailing on around the rim and bottom of the barrel.


Next, draw the oil which is spilled all over the ground. Erase all the mistakes, then you are done.


Here is the oil when you are all done. Now you can color it in and add a nice scenery.

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July 24, 2012

Description: I hope you are all enjoying the lesson on Slender Man, I worked real hard on that drawing so it feels good knowing that others will learn something new. I wanted to do something different. I noticed that oil prices have been on a seesaw lately. What I mean by that is, gas prices have been going down, but then they come right back up pretty swiftly. Today I will be showing you guys "how to draw oil", step by step. I know that this seems like an odd lesson, but there are people that would like to draw this type of object so here it is. This is a simple drawing based on a barrel which is spilling out oil from the spout. It is seeping through the ground as it spills from the barrel. Of course you can choose to draw the scenery any which way you like, but this is just a real simple concept that both novice, and intermediate artists can enjoy and learn from. Anyways, have fun with drawing oil, and if you stay tuned in there is more in store for you fanatics out there that love art. Adios mi amigos, and try to be scarce with how you use fuel. Also, be sure to recycle your plastic because as you know it takes a lot of oil to produce just one water bottle.

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