How to Draw Galileo Galilei, Galileo Galilei

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First, let's begin by sketching the basic guide work to lay the future lines on top of. Try to draw these guides similar to the picture shown. The reason for these guidelines is to make sure that the facials come out proportionally. Take your time an   


Once you've drawn the facial shape, be sure to include the sparse and tapered lines which detail his beard.


Then, draw the facials like the eyes and nose. Work from one eye to next instead of working on various place all at once. Take it slow. Make sure his nose is drawn nice and wide, with a rounded tip.


Let's work on the frame of his head and the beard which details most of his face. Don't forget to add that ear. Remember to use thick lines for these outlining lines.


Next, detail the mouth with thin line weights. Take your time, I know it's almost finished but try to refrain from being anxious!


Lastly, draw his shoulders and you should be all set for now!


Once you've completed your sketch, you should have something similar to this. If you don't and you're dissatisfied, then retry the tutorial. I hope you guys had fun, let me know how you did :)

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March 12, 2013

Description: Welcome back to another DragoArt tutorial, everyone! In this new tut, I’ll be giving you cool tips and tricks that will show you ‘how to draw Galileo Galilei’, step by step. Be sure to ready yourself with the drawing materials like varied graphite pencils and erasers. If you’re going to do further work on the drawing like shading, take your time and take my painting of Galileo and turn it into a black and white picture for a shading ref. For all of you who have to draw this historical figure because of a history project, I hope you’ll find it easy to draw. Let me know how you did or if this was easy enough. Thanks for viewing and have fun, folks!

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