How to Draw Fluffle Puff

Artist: Dawn / March 4, 2015

Step 1.

Let's begin by drawing a large circle for the body and then a much smaller circle for the head. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then proceed to step two.

Step 2.

Next, draw the hair ends for the massive mane that covers Fluffle Puff's head as well as the body but you will not be tackling the body right now. Once that hair is finished, you can proceed to step three.

Step 3.

The only thing you need to do here is draw in the rough lined, thick bangs.

Step 4.

Peeking out of the puff of hair, you will need to draw the face. Make the snout, large eyes and then mouth.

Step 5.

Draw out, and color in the pupils. Add some long curly lashes, then draw a nose and mouth line.

Step 6.

Sketch out the ear, then add detailing inside the ear.

Step 7.

Sketch out the body in the same way you draw in the hairy face shape.

Step 8.

Like I said, no legs, no tail, just hair, mane bangs and face. Sketch in some chest detailing and you are done.

Step 9.

This is the line art when finished, now you can color in Fluffle Puff using that pretty shade of pink.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 4, 2015
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Description: So this next lesson is going to be based on a fan made character creation based on a My Little Pony figure. Having said that, here is how to draw Fluffle Puff, step by step. It's basically a pink colored pony that has an excessive amount of hair. She is very cheery looking and has turquoise colored eyes. You can't see any limbs or a tail, all you can basically see is an overgrown mane that covers all of Fluffle Puff's body. If you have been waiting to see a lesson on this fan made character, have fun tackling the tut. Adios amigos!