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How to Draw Miltank

Artist: Ashewness / May 2, 2015
How to Draw Miltank

Step 1.

Start of with three circles, one for his head, one for his body, and one for the ball on his tail.

Step 2.

Draw three lines, one for his tail and two for his ears. also draw an oval for the upperarm and one for his hind leg.

Step 3.

Draw his head, his cheeks and his right ear.

Step 4.

Draw his body, Hind leg and arm.

Step 5.

Draw on his face his hoody like markings, also draw his other ear, tail and paws.

Step 6.

Detail his face with a mouth, a nose, his eyes, his horns and the insides of his ears. Then draw the ball on his tail

Step 7.

Give him his markings on his back and Draw on his fout teats.

Step 8.

NOw all you have to do is draw his other arm and leg.

Step 9.

Now you're done. Time to colour it!!

Step 10.

Now you're done. Time to color it!!

Comments (9)
nguyenj184 · 5 years ago
tdogrocks113 · 6 years ago
can you make a tutorial on how to draw dedenne
Ashewness · 6 years ago
Yes ofcourse :)
tdogrocks113 · 6 years ago
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :singing: :rock:
adwitia · 6 years ago
:wow: :wow:
Mangopie · 6 years ago
thank you so much for taking doing milktank,miltank is one of my favorites.
Ashewness · 6 years ago
No problem :)
Dawn · 6 years ago
Your tuts are just so cute and simple!
Ashewness · 6 years ago
Thank you very much :)
Artist: Ashewness
Date Added: May 2, 2015
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Tags: how to draw pokemon
Description: #241 Miltank A Milk Cow pokemon. Type: Normal Japanese Name: MiruTanku >requested by Mangopie