How to Draw Glaceon from Pokemon

Artist: Ashewness / May 9, 2015
How to Draw Glaceon from Pokemon

Step 1.

Start of with drawing two circles, one for the head and one for the body. Then proceed with drawing three lines, two for the ears and one for the tail.

Step 2.

Draw two ovals for his front paws.

Step 3.

Draw his diamond like hair and his wo ears.

Step 4.

Draw his bangs wit diamond ends and his inner ears.

Step 5.

Draw his front paws, face and finish his ear.

Step 6.

Erase the lines so his paws appear to be in front of his bangs. draw seperation lines on his paws. draw his back, hind leg and a mark on his back.

Step 7.

Draw his tail with a diamond like end and detail his face with eyes mouth and nose.

Step 8.

Draw the pointy ice pillars.

Step 9.

Detail the ice pillars.

Step 10.

Tadaaa you're done :D

Comments (7)
catworld132 · 4 years ago
i love it ! i love pokemon but especially glaceon !
tdogrocks113 · 4 years ago
how is the dedenne tutorial coming along confused
Ashewness · 4 years ago
Still busy with it had to finish these first
tdogrocks113 · 4 years ago
ok coool. (pun intended)
Mangopie · 4 years ago
thank you so much for taking my requests again,this and the emola tuts are adorable.Could you do a tut of ampharos and kabuki trim furfrou?Lol sorry I keep makin requests there r just so many pokemon I wanna draw o_O and your tuts are just adorable.
Ashewness · 4 years ago
Don't worry I love drawing so ofcourse I will take these request also :)
Anime_Fan_4_Life · 4 years ago
So cute! X3 X3 X3
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Description: #471 Glaceon A fresh snow pokemon Type: Ice Japanese name: Gureishia