How to Draw Eagles

Artist: Dawn / October 26, 2009

Step 1.

There is a total of five steps to this lesson. The first thing you have to do is draw out the guidelines and shapes to form a wire like frame for your eagle. Start with a small head shape and then add the one facial guideline. Next draw a narrow shap   

Step 2.

Drawing eagle wings is extremely fun because they are so challenging. But before you start that process, I want you to first start sketching out the shape of the eagles head and then neck. Once that is complete you need to sketch the feather marking    

Step 3.

Start sketching out the feathered shapes for your eagle and then proceed onto detailing them as well. Each feather must be drawn and when doing so you can add your own personal touches if you wish.

Step 4.

This is your last drawing step to this tutorial on "how to draw eagles step by step". All you have to do is draw out the tail and then add more feathery detailing on the back of this bird. Erase the guidelines and then move to see what your drawing s   

Step 5.

When you are done with this tutorial on "how to draw eagles step by step", you can color in your drawing. I hope you found this lesson joyful, I will be back soon with another for your learning and drawing pleasure.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 26, 2009
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Description: I know I have a bunch of lessons of all kinds of different birds and the eagle is one of them. When someone asks me to do a tutorial on a lesson that I already have, I will look over the one that is available on the site, and decide whether or not I need to do an updated version. That is why I am about to submit another tutorial on “how to draw eagles step by step”. The eagle is by far one of my favorite birds. My second favorite is the hawk, and then the hummingbird. Drawing eagles can be a very easy thing to do if you are learning from a good tutorial lesson. The one that I am uploading today is going to be listed under the intermediate section of difficulty. This eagle is doing what these birds do best, soar through the skies. I bet if you had to choose to be any bird in existence, you would choose the eagle. These massive birds have great strength, and they also have hunting abilities unlike no other bird. Their feet and or claws, have the strength to take down a deer, if you can believe that. They hunt the skies to seek out fish, rodents, small animals, and even sometimes other birds. I really love the way this eagle came out because I think the drawing conveys just how amazing these birds really are. Well, once again I have to run. I shall return with more drawing fun. But in the mean time, have fun with this online drawing lesson that teaches you “how to draw eagles” step by step. Adios amigos, and happy drawing!