How to Draw an Eagle Head

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Lets begin with drawing a circle for the head, and then add one face guide like so. The eagle's head is going to be in a side profile view.


Now its time to begin drawing out the shape of your eagle's beak. As you know eagles have beaks that are very arched or hook like. The point at the tip should be sharp looking and drawn in a downward pattern.


Draw in the rest of the eagle's beak by drawing the bottom part of the mouth. When that is done you can make the separating line from face to beak, and then draw a nostril line and marking line.


Now sketch out the feathering outline for the eagle's head and neck like so, and then move to step five.


The next thing you need to do is draw out the eagle eye which is bold, series, and very expressive. Color in a pupil and move to step six.


The last drawing step just entails the sketching in of all the feathery detailing on the head, and the serrated edging of the feathers at the base of the head like you see here. Once that is done you can start erasing the guidelines and shapes that y   


Here is what the eagle looks like when you are all done. Color it in, and that's it. You just successfully drew an eagle head to perfection.

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May 18, 2011

Description: Here is a really cool head of a bird that represents a lot of meaning to many different places around the world. Today I will be showing you "how to draw an eagle head", step by step. There is a few lessons on Dragoart that is based around the eagle's design or concept, I just felt that having a lesson all by itself on the eagle would make more sense with no extra fluff around the head. Sketching or drawing out an eagle's head is really not at all that hard. At first I had to approach this drawing with thought because I had to be sure that once it was all drawn out, it would be easy to convert into a step by step lesson. After a few tries I finally succeeded in making a drawing that would be simple to tackle, and fun to color in. I think you will find that drawing an eagle head is going to be a lot more fun than you might think. I know I was pleasantly surprised to find how entertaining it was to make a really nice eagle head that is clear, and very bright. I hope you guys think that this tutorial is fun, but if you are in the mood for something different, stick around because I have a lot more coming your way. Peace out folks and enjoy the rest of your drawing day!

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