How to Draw Anime Characters


Let's start out by drawing ten circle shapes for the heads of each DragoArt member. Once that is done you will add the facial guidelines. On four of the anime characters, draw the body guidelines to make a frame.


Okay, on most of the heads you will sketch out the shapes of their faces as you see here. Then you will have to draw some of the eye guidelines, and sketch out the shape and style of the mohawk hairdo.


Sketch out more of the faces by drawing the eyes, mouths, noses, and even hair styles on the characters you see here. When you are done you can move to the next step to proceed further on this tutorial "how to draw anime characters".


Here you will finish sketching out all the anime character faces. Once that is done you can start sketching out their hair styles which range from short, long, messy, and even a mohawk. On some of the characters you will need to start drawing out the   


Okay, let's start finishing off this tutorial. You will sketch out the long hair for Amber, and then continue on to sketch out the upper bodies, and lower bodies on some of the anime characters that you are drawing. Once you are done you can move to    


Finish sketching out the bodies for all your anime characters that you just drew. Once that is done you can start erasing the guidelines and shapes on the finished characters to start cleaning up your drawing.


All you have to do here is draw out the table that dragon_lover is sitting at while he gathers his thoughts. You can even draw a nice cup for him as well. Once that is done you can erase the rest of the guidelines that you didn't erase in the previou   


Here is what this tutorial on "how to draw anime characters step by step" looks like when you are done. All the characters you see here are DragoArt members! Hope you had fun, color them in and your all set!

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October 25, 2009

Description: This is the lesson that many of you have been waiting for. Yesterday while I was drawing live, I thought it would be cool to draw some of my DragoArt buddies. Although I never seen some of these members before, I basically sketched these anime characters out based on what they described how they looked to me while I was live. Some of the members showed me pictures so I can get somewhat of an inspiration for a their character. While I was working on this tutorial live, most of the members were being comedians. They made me laugh nonstop. Anyways, the characters in this tutorial are Ultimate_SB_Master, G_man, G_man777, Dragon_Lover222, Vivi, J_mac, Catcat49, and Kuroi. I tried to give the characters poses that would give away their personality. For instance, Ultimate_SB_Master is always happy so I drew her in an over excited pose. Some of the members only have a head shot drawing of themselves and other have a head shot and a full body pose. I tried to attach uniqueness into the poses as well. If you noticed, Dragon_Lover222 is sitting on a toilet instead of a chair. The theme of that expressed his character more. I hope this tutorial is going to be interesting for you to try out. There are plenty of anime characters to draw in this tutorial. Thanks so much for viewing the tutorial on “how to draw anime characters step by step”. Have a happy drawing day!

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