How to Draw Dustin from Stranger Things


Make the shapes and guides to form the frame for Dustin chibi style.


Go ahead and draw in the shape of the face and then leave a small gap for the curl that will be placed where the cutout is.


Go ahead and draw the bangs and puffy sides to create his curly locks. Add detailing to the hairstyle as well.


Now you can draw in Dustin's ball cap. Add the lining to create the formation of the ball cap.


Now you can draw the outlined shapes of the eyes and then draw in the nose and mouth. The lining for the eyes should be thick and bold.


Color in the pupils and then draw the thick eyebrows as well as color them in.


Start the body process and when you are done with that you can add the stitching to the jacket and sleeves. Don't forget to draw the small hand too.


Draw the other arm and hand and then draw him holding a flashlight.


Lastly, draw in the legs and shoes, then draw the stitching for the pockets and crotch.


Once you erase the mistakes and guides, you should have a drawing that looks like the one you see here. Now you can color Dustin in to finish him off.

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December 6, 2021

Description: Hey guys, I'm back with more lessons on Stranger Things characters and today I will start with how to draw Dustin, step by step. Dustin may not be as popular as the other characters, but he is still a main character of the series. I just binge watched Season 3 and for those of you who are still in the process, keep going because it gets really good. Anyways, be sure to come back around because there are more lessons to come. I will be back so tackle this lesson on drawing Dustin, Adios people, it's a never ending story.

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