How to Draw Hopper from Stranger Things

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Start with the guidelines and shapes like we always do. Hopper will have just his head and body to draw, no action pose as he is just standing there with his hand steadily waiting over his revolver. But for now, draw two circles and then the guidelin   


Define the shape of Chief Hopper's face and be sure to use jagged lining to match is rough personality. Draw in the lining to form the unshaven face and also draw in the ear and outline for where the mouth will be added.


We will start this step by drawing the thick, bold, long eyebrows carrying a bitter or rotten expression on his face. Don't forget the forehead lines too to add age and character.


Let's draw Chief Hopper's hat next. Not that much different from a regular hat drawn. Add the dimpling to the top and add the scuff marks.


Draw the shoulders and arms to form the pose of Chief Hopper's body. Draw in the sleeve and hand, then draw the outer lining of the opposite arm and hand. Add the detailing to his button up shirt.


Lastly, draw the lower body and add the feet. Don't forget to add the seam lines and stitching to the pants and belt. Erase the mistakes and then you're done.


Here is what chief hopper looks like when you are done. Color him in and that's it.

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December 28, 2021

Description: Okay guys I have more lessons coming your way that are all based on the awesome characters from Stranger Things. Here I have how to draw Chief Hopper, step by step. Hopper has gotten more grungy over the years. I remember the first season of Stranger Things and Hopper wasn't as dirty, angry, or bitter as he is now. There is this rawness and hatred about Hopper's character in Stranger Things 3. Anyways, this lesson should basically be no more difficult than the other recent lessons on Stranger Things characters from season 3. Go ahead and get started and I will prepare my next tutorial so you have something new to draw when you are done drawing Hopper.

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