How to Draw Mike from Stranger Things

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Same way we started Eleven, we will do with Mike. Draw the guide shapes for the head, torso and hip area guides. Sketch in the facial guidelines too;


Define the shape of Mike's chibi face.


You will now fill the void by drawing all of Mike's locks that will form the hairstyle. Add definition to the hair and then you are done here.


We will now draw out he almost perfectly round shaped eyes and add the bolder lines for the eyes to the edges. Draw in the full set of lips that is predominate on his characters features.


We will now draw the torso and the arms as well as the hands. He is in a very slouchy pose which is the way Mike carries himself. The shirt he is wearing is more like a long sleeve shirt with stripes.


Lastly, draw in the rest of the body in the form of a pair of semi baggy jeans. Add the seam lining and pockets as well as the crinkles. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


You're done drawing Mike. Now you just need to add color to bring this Stranger Things character to life.

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December 28, 2021

Description: Look who it is. You can't have a lesson on Eleven without having a lesson on how to draw Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things, or just how to draw Mike from Stranger Things. I had a lot of fun with Mike because I wanted to bring out some facial characteristics that where very distinctive with his character. The hair, his lips and the way he carried himself where all similar things that was picked up with Mike Wheeler's character from Stranger Things. Anyways, have fun drawing Mike, I know I don't need to say a lot because most of you know who Mike Wheeler is and who have heard about Stranger Things. I will be back with other tuts so stick around or come back around.

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