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How to Draw Drake

Artist: shan3990 / January 30, 2017
How to Draw Drake

Step 1.

View the image for the items required.

Step 2.

Choose a reference picture. I chose this one because I like his pose in this. But there are other people in this so crop out Drake

Step 3.

But still there is an arm that we don't need. We can deal with that later. Next step is to get the outline of drake on the drawing paper. You can use free hand to get the outline but that would take a lot of time. Good practice if you have time. I   

Step 4.

Now while drawing the outline when it comes to that arm leave it and draw the left side of the shirt. Add some folds to the shirt. I left the A on the hat because I want to do something else with it. Define where the shadows start or gradually end.

Step 5.

It is time to shade. I started with the nose. It’s not a must to start with the nose. You can start with the lips if you want. First lay in the hard shadows of the nose with the 5B pencil then use a lighter pencil to add the lighter shadows. When    

Step 6.

Now the lips! First draw the dark line where the two lips meet. Then add a base shade to the lips. Don’t make it too dark. A B pencil will do. Add those wrinkles (I guess) on the lower lips and upper lip. But don't overdo it After this blend a bit   

Step 7.

Now I can’t work further without adding a base layer for the face and the neck. Take a B pencil and gradually shade the whole face. Don’t put so much pressure while doing this. You might want to define the hard shadow created by the hat and the j   

Step 8.

I didn’t draw the mustache yet. I worked around the mouth a bit more adding shadows. I didn’t have to blend much, now that I have a base shade. The hard shadow below the lower lip is not just a shadow. It’s also part of the front beard. So put   

Step 9.

I started the beard after the shading the jaw line. While drawing the beard don’t just put lots of dots. If you include dots plus lots of little lines it would look better. Use a dark value and a lighter value. I used a 2B, B and HB while drawing t   

Step 10.

I did the rim of the hat too. You can see lines going across the rim of the hat. Draw the lines with a dark pencil and cover the whole rim with a lighter one and blend it. Once I was done with that area under the hat I worked on the neck and the ea   

Step 11.

For the shirt I started around the neck area. If you look closely around the collar area there are kind of lines going around so first I took the 5b sharpened it drew those lines. Then I made the shadows. The shadows in the folds are also done in 5B.   

Step 12.

For the hat I put a base layer of shade using a HB pencil around the hat avoiding the centre. Then blending with a clean tissue paper; if you use a used one might get darker than you want. Blend towards the centre of the hat. After blending take the    

Step 13.

Most of it is done at this point. Look at the drawing from far, close, upside down, hold it towards the mirror and see. Mistakes will be there, areas that should be dark too light vice versa. Keep correcting them till you are happy. For this drawin   

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Artist: shan3990
Date Added: January 30, 2017
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Tags: draw famous, draw music, draw real people, how to draw real people
Description: Here I tried my best to explain on how to draw Drake. If you have any questions ask in the comment section, I will try my best to help you. The Images in the tutorial are in gif format That's why they look a bit out of focus. The final drawing will be uploaded to my artwork on this site and on to Deviantart.