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View the Image to see the Items required for this drawing. Also watch the time lapse video for this tutorial. Might be helpful


Choose a reference picture. If you are following this tutorial you can use the picture here. When choosing a reference picture for your drawing choose a clear medium size photograph. Collect a few pictures, study them a bit just to get an idea what y   


Print out the cropped picture with a grid drawn on it with a software such as CorelDraw X5 or Photoshop. (Easier to print out with grid than having to draw two grids) I did it without printing by looking at the screen. You can do this part any way y   


You have to remember this is not drawing a cartoon. The outlines represent what we see as the edge of something. What creates this edge is the contrast between the colors. For example we can’t see the hat clearly in this reference picture if the b   


Focus on the nose now. First do a rough shading of the nose darkening the edge of nostrils and the shadows a bit. Use 2B for the darkest value for now. Leave the middle of the nose. Then blend it as I say to the shape of the nose with blending stump    


Now for the mouth, first I defined the shadows a bit more with B pencil then shaded a bit with HB and 2H pencil. One of the key features of slash is his mouth specially the corners. So I focused on it a bit, slowly shading around the mouth referring   


Now gradually Darken the face adding the shadow of the ring and so one. The main light is coming from the lift side so the right side of the face is a bit darker. As always when blending and shading blend and shade to the shape of the face. For examp   


Do the same for the neck shading and gradually darkening. Remember if you want to make a bit of highlight or want to lighten an area a bit you kneaded eraser and tab a bit. The more you tab the lighter it gets. If the Kneaded eraser gets too dirty wi   


The hand was a bit of a nightmare. The variation of contrast was so little it was hard to see the variations. But the basic things are start shading lightly and darken it gradually. So I started off with a base shade of 3H. This hand is lighter than    


Making the next hand is the same as the other. But this one is way darker as it further away from the light and behind the guitar. Make a base shade blend it and start adding the shadows. Gradually darken it. Add the highlights where it’s suppose    


Now for the metal bracelets, If you study the bracelets the metal bracelets has a lot of highlights or specular. This is the key to drawing metal. Make an outline of the highlights on the metal so you do not make the mistake of shading on it. If you    


For the shirt it looks complicated but it’s actually easy. First add a base shade with 3H and blend it nicely. Then add thick lines and thin lines referring to the picture. Use a few different values of pencil to create the variation. Draw the shir   


The rim of the glass is made up of metal so you can see the bright speculars. Make an outline of them and start shading around it. As this is really dark you can use the 4B pencil directly without gradually darkening it. When drawing you might smudge   


For the belt around the hat, first do the metal parts. Shade gradually the metal plates. By now I hope you have an idea of how to shade. The metal piece in the middle looks little beat up to get this effect after adding the highlights use the blendin   


The guitar looks really difficult but work slowly and patiently. Shade the bridge and the underside of the guitar neck with a 4B and then focus on the guitar neck. For the frets give a dark shadow and a highlight. Refer to the pictures and do this.    


For the hair use 4b and shade the area- while shading use a circular motion easier this way to give a feel of curly hair. Put some fine hair that is flying around also on his finger. To make it feel like it’s a mass of hair use an eraser (kneaded o   


While making the hat you have to create the rim of the hat at the top and the bottom.. to create the highlight shade around the highlight then blend with blending stump.


Finally I put a background and kept correcting small mistakes (hair the details on guitar and such). Drawing this would TAKE A LOT OF TIME, so go slowly, break the drawing in to sections and focus on a certain section and do section by section. If yo   

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June 22, 2011

Description: Watch the time lapse video of this drawing might be helpful Here is the link. This Tutorial might be long with long Steps. However I hope you read through it as it might be a lot helpful. I am going to upload more tutorials which focus on just drawing nose or mouths and stuff.

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