How to Draw Jessie J

Artist: catlucker / February 15, 2011

Step 1.

We are starting with a short study of the head and where to place the features. The actual drawings starts at STEP 5. This outline of the head helps you place the eyes, which is in the center between the top of the head (don't include the hair) and t   

Step 2.

Notice the "Top of Head" line. Looking at a live subject, normally the top of the head is an inch higher than the hairline. LITTLE TIP: And when you draw the hair, it is normally an inch higher or more than the top of the head. So cool! The features    

Step 3.

You can further divide the bottom area of the face into thirds: BOTTOM OF NOSE & EARS LOBES to the CHIN. From the BOTTOM OF NOSE & EAR to center of MOUTH is the first one-third. The second one-third section is from center of MOUTH to Above Chin. The   

Step 4.

Edit picture to add dashes and place information for tomorrow evening.

Step 5.

Start out with the outline.

Step 6.

Divide it in half.

Step 7.

Looks like Tron!

Step 8.

Pin cushions for fingers!

Step 9.

Now we're getting them mass shapes in.

Step 10.

She's coming to life.

Step 11.

Now I'm slow shading her in. If you still have the guidelines in, go ahead and erase them. I'm doing something new here. You'll get a step-by-step development of shading, darkening, adding more details.

Step 12.

Here's the first step without the guidelines. Notice her nails aren't filled in and her hair isn't as dark and detailed. Also her outfit isn't shaded in either.

Step 13.

I'm basically taking the natural steps of filling in my outlines and making Jessie J look more like herself!

Step 14.

Start on the rest of her hair and outfit. Darken.

Step 15.

Here is a great way to highlight. Use that Acrylic Titanium White. It's opaque and will cover the gray or black. Use it on the catch lights in her eyes. and especially on her lips if you can't detail the rose pattern.

Step 16.

Here she is darkened in. Enjoy!

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Artist: catlucker
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Description: Jessie J is like hot fire leaving a sizzling track of flames behind her. She's amazing and I'm glad to do a tutorial on this extremely talented woman. She's an English singer and songwriter. She first sparked a flame when she began writing tracks for Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. Can you imagine that? And in January 2011, she the fiery track hasn't ceased! She won the prestigious Critic's Choice award at the Brits. She also co-wrote the song "Party in the U.S.A." for Miley Cyrus. And I even know that song! Like the flames ignited from the "Back To The Future" car, her début single, "Do It Like a Dude", sizzled at number-two on the UK Singles Charts. The second single "Price Tag", which features rapper B.o.B, became Jessie J's first number-one single after it charted at number-one for two consecutive weeks in the UK Singles Charts on 6 and 13 February 2011. Her début album, Who You Are, is set to be released February 2011 in the UK and April in the US. Can you imagine what kind of flames will ignite on that album? Please vote, fav, and comment because I always look forward to how far you've come and how you feel. Much luv to you all!