How to Draw Andy Sixx

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Ok, before we major in any type of action, we must first and foremost, draw the basic foundation for the base face of Andy Sixx. It might take you a while to draw the guides since they require all the time needed to draw them. Make sure you try to ge   


Then, we must move onto drawing the very basic details for Andy Sixx's face. Draw his eyes, keeping in touch with the guidelines. From this view, you don't see much length of his nose.


Draw the shape of the face and head as this will play a major part for drawing the hair and headband for Andy. His eyebrows should be a few inches far from his eyes since they are set high. Draw the nostrils, keeping this step image as your reference   


I know the face of this step looks absolutely nothing like Andy but rather Marilyn Manson xD. Don't worry though, we'll fix that later on in the tutorial! Using a 3B pencil, sketch with a medium pressure to create a bit of a dark tone for the makeup    


Geez, this step is going to be a thorn in your side, as it was for me! Take an 8B pencil and sketch down a wash for the hair. Once your wash is down, press as hard as you can (without breaking the pencil) and create the darkest set of hair you can. F   


Lastly, take a 3B pencil and lightly shade in the eyes for a complete look. Finish off by drawing the designs on Andy's headband.


With initial shading and touch ups, you should result with a drawing similar to this! Take a white gel pen and go over the hair with subtle streaks to make it seem less flat and more full. Personally, I think I added too much black to his eyes unlike   

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December 7, 2010

Description: Andy Sixx; a newcomer in the music industry these days. I've been getting a lot of requests for this guy, mainly because he's been getting popular lately. Andy is the main singer/vocals of the band “Black Viel Brides”, which highly reminds me of “Bullet For My Valentine”. Personally, I listen to neither but since lots of girls have been raving about Andy, I thought maybe I'd submit a nice little lesson on “how to draw Andy Sixx”, step. The makeup, the hairstyle all looks a bit similar to Gerard Way (huge fan here!), a popular singer of the ongoing band of “My Chemical Romance”. The style that's being formed in society today is getting quite the crowd, as well as creating new bands in the particular style. The drawing took me a few hours this time, mainly because of the makeup and the large rat's nest type hairstyle (there were tons of strands I drew to make it similar to the reference picture I used). There are barely any real photos of Andy which made it very hard to get a good reference photo. Most pictures of him are either side, top ¾, sideways ¾, or just a total view from the top. If you're wandering, Andy Sixx is straight, he is I believe, 20 years old and 6' 2” (pretty tall guy!). I had a bit of fun with the painting of the face, as well as the eyes. I wanted to create super pretty blue eyes to accent his face a bit better. I recommend for you to get yourself a set of sketching pencils for the process of this tutorial. “Drawing Andy Sixx” may be bit of a hassle because of the heavy duty shading work that's required for this tutorial. Though I rate this lesson on an “Intermediate” level, I'm pretty sure anyone can succeed! I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial “how to draw Andy Sixx from Black Viel Brides”! Thank you so much for viewing and good luck!

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