How to Draw Deer, Drawing Deer

Artist: MauAcheron / June 24, 2012

Step 1.

Firstly, here a little sketch as a start of the deer-drawing. You need to know, that how they looks like, the base of their body. Of course, as they have a lot of kind, not all of them have a body like this. (For example some of them are more thinny,   

Step 2.

Here a little help, that if you don't want to draw them in the side view, how do you can draw them in other views too. It's a little hard to find them in other views on the reference photos, because they are always in the side view, and their heads i   

Step 3.

A baby deer (1) a normal deer (2) and the moose (3) head in front view and side view too, that you can draw more easily!

Step 4.

Before I show you the examples of horns, here a tip, how do you can draw them step by step! In front view and side view too! Firstly, they are looks like the rivers from the air, or veins :) You can draw it, as you want, but try to draw in a system.

Step 5.

And now, here the horns, you can find a lot of example, that what kind of horns, that you can draw on your picture. It's only depend from your fantasy, and of course, the deer's type too!

Step 6.

And here some typical pose for the deers, you can choose, or create a new one! :)

Step 7.

We are here in the "How to Draw deer" part! Firstly, draw the base lines of the deer.

Step 8.

After the base lines, draw the base form of his head and his neck, and his ears. Not too complicate, you can draw this part easily!

Step 9.

After this, draw the base form of his body, and his left side's legs.

Step 10.

Draw the little lines, what are separate them from each other. It's not hard, don't you think?

Step 11.

Here we are in the horns part. Just draw, as I showed you in the step 4. and step 5. part!

Step 12.

It's a little step, draw his eyes!

Step 13.

Now draw the little details of his head, the ears's inside and his nose.

Step 14.

And now, draw his right side's legs base form!

Step 15.

Draw the little lines of his hooves!

Step 16.

And as the last part, draw little details on his body, that show his muscle part, or just his fur.

Step 17.

And this is the end of the "How to Draw deer" tutorial! I really enjoy to drawing this tutorial with you, guys, and I hope, you like it too. Now, the only thing, what you need, to go, and color your own deer! Good work, guys!

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Artist: MauAcheron
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Description: Here the fourth tutorial about an animal, the deer. Not too easy, but not too hard too, so here some tip and trick just for you! Let's start the drawing!