How to Draw a Deer for Kids


Begin by making a circle for the head and then another shape in the form of an oval. Next, connect the two shapes and then add one face guide.


Thicken the shape for the head, and then draw in the base of where the antlers will go, and then two ears.


Using the one face guide, draw out some eyes, color in a nose, and then draw in the eyeballs, and mouth. Notice the small area of detail inside of the ears.


All you have to do here is draw out the antlers, and then move to step five.


Look how much you have accomplished already. What you have to do now is draw out the deer's neck shape and then get going on the body and tail.


Draw in the front legs, some of the chest that is visible, and then draw out the belly.


The last thing to do is draw out the hind legs and then begin erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


As you can see once the drawing is all complete you will have yourself such an awesome deer and you can say that you drew it by yourself. Color it in and if you want it to look like Bambi, all you have to do is add some white spots and minus the antl   

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June 16, 2011

Description: In the previous lesson we talked about animals from farms, how about we begin a lesson that will show you "how to draw a deer for kids", step by step. The deer was once a very adored forest animal breed. The deer initially gained their fame and popularity soon after the Disney movie “Bambi” came out. Anyone who has watched the movies knows that it is a flick that follows the lives of forest animals with the main figures being the deer. Bambie is a deer and learns how to talk, ice skate, and make friends as he goes on a journey with the rest of his forest animal friends. He does this because his mom dies and the poor little fawn has to fend for himself. Along the way he comes across his father, who is the “king” of the forest. Bambie is considered to be the prince since the king is the one that fathered the baby deer. Anyways the point of this tale is to show how one simple movie, the deer population in the US has risen to a point where they are almost considered a nuisance. For a while it was illegal to hunt deer, nowadays there are actual deer contests being set every hunting season. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw a deer for kids" because even artists that have general ideas on how to draw things, the deer can be a tricky forest critter to tackle. I will be back soon with more drawing fun. What lesson will come out from under my sleeve next?

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